Popular Free Anti-Spyware Software

The Stress of Spyware

Technology has virtually taken over our world. It has made even small everyday tasks significantly easier than they used to be. It plays such an important role in our lives that when something goes wrong with it or it stops working for some reason, it can be hard to function normally. This dependence that we have on technology is simply a fact a life, which is why it is so incredibly important to protect ourselves from things that might cause us to lose valuable information, such as spyware or viruses on computers. For this reason, it is imperative that every computer owner has good anti-spyware software. Fortunately, there are many anti-spyware software options that are available for free.

Free Anti-Spyware Software Options


Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+. This anti-malware software is one of the most downloaded anti-virus options out there. It is incredibly popular for a number of reasons. First, it runs extremely smoothly. It downloads and updates quickly, so there is no waiting for an extended period of time while it updates to the latest version. It also has minimal pop ups, so it will not constantly interrupt your screen time to remind you to update it or to let you know that your computer is virus free. It does not take up a lot of memory, so it is the perfect addition to any Windows computer needing an update on its anti-spyware software.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free. This free software is unique in that it works to clear any existing viruses that are already in place on the computer. It is available in a variety of languages and has customer service that is available 24 hours a day. While it does not work to thwart incoming virus attacks, it is incredibly good at doing what it claims to do, which is remove existing malware. Despite the fact that it is free, it is one of the most used virus removal software options on the market, which is why it has been downloaded over 300 million times and is one of the top picks of professionals worldwide.


AVG Antivirus Free 2015. This anti-virus software is available on a variety of devices. It works not only for Windows computers, but also for Macs and for Android phones. It includes not only anti-virus software, but it also comes with virus removal software. While the removal software is not 100% effective, it is mostly effective for simple viruses. It offers a wide variety of features, including a customer service center that is open 24 hours a day. While the software itself does have a lot of pop ups and consistent reminders to upgrade, all of its features more than make up for this slight annoyance.

Staying Safe With Anti-Spyware Software

The benefits of having anti-virus software are innumerable. It keeps your sensitive data out of the wrong hands, ensures that you will not lose your data at the hands of nasty viruses, and helps give you the peace of mind that your computer is safe. Regardless of the anti-spyware software that you choose, know that there are several good, effective, and free versions available, so you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars for an anti-spyware that will do its job.


The Land Of The Free And Safe Downloads

What Are End Users Downloading The Most?

Security software is one of the most common free downloads, followed by cleaning programs as a distant second. This is followed by browsers, and with Microsoft migrating to a new browser, and slowly relegating Explorer to the dustbin of history, browser downloads are largely the result of certain sites not working properly with Explorer. Most computers have at least 2 browsers downloaded, with many having 3 per computer. The average user will continue using the browser that was pre-loaded on their computer when they purchased it, but when a problem arises, this precipitates their interest in getting another browser. The internet is also coming of age, with most users having been online for over 2 decades now. The way we live online has morphed into the way we manage nearly every facet of our lives, including banking and healthcare. For this reason, security has become our primary concern. This is why security software, and various cleaning agents, are not only ubiquitous, but are also what we download the most.

There has often times been talk of Macintosh (Mac) having almost no viruses, and how Microsoft PC products are a veritable cornucopia of viruses. The reason for this is because Microsoft products are used by nearly 95% of the world computing population. Macintosh products are therefore only used by a fraction of this market share, and for the reason of sheer numbers alone, their platform seems like a virus-free nirvana. This is really only sponsored by lack of users, which will likely change as more people start using Macintosh products. To this point, those of us who use Windows computers are only all-too-familiar with downloading antivirus software.

Safely Downloading


C-Net is perhaps the mainstay of comfort zones of end users when it comes to downloading software. They have established themselves as a source for safely and securely being able to download programs. Cleaning programs are growing in popularity, largely as the internet moves from entertainment, as it once was, to necessity for millions of people. The first mention is CCleaner, which is a program designed to get rid of junk files. It also serves to clean-up invalid registry entries. These occur as a result of entries that are no longer used, and most of the time they are innocuous, and do not require removal. They unfortunately are also sometimes utilized by viruses looking to exploit your computer. This is why cleaning software is very popular. Advanced SystemCare Free is a similar software to CCleaner, and the 2 products combined have nearly 250 million downloads.

Antivirus represent the bulk of free program downloads, dwarfing most every other software download sector by millions. In the antivirus space, Avast Free and AVG Antivirus Free are the most downloaded free software programs. Avast has been downloaded nearly 400 million times, while AVG is over 550 million downloads. Those are staggering numbers, and with the world population being roughly 7.3 billion, these 2 free antivirus programs, when combined, have 10% of the world population using their products. It is hard to even think about how large that number actually is, especially when one considers that the 2.6 billion of the 7.3 represents the population of China and India combined. There are swaths of these countries that do not even have infrastructure, understanding, or funds to support internet connectivity. We can likely then infer the preponderance of PC users are utilizing these antivirus programs. C-Net is the go-to place for safely downloading free antivirus programs for many PC users in the world; a huge number indeed.


The internet, and our use and reliance on it, is growing exponentially. This is a wonderful metamorphosis, and it has enhanced our lives in so many ways, the value cannot be overstated. Antivirus, security programs and cleaners are updating every day, making their products stronger. It is a frenetic space, but in the end, it would seem we are all making progress together, and although viruses are a huge nuisance, they are nothing compared the value computers and the internet have brought to our lives. Prevailing wisdom has taught us to back-up our files, make sure antivirus software is current, and download only from trusted sites. In this way, progress will be a never-ending state of existentialism!


Top 6 Most Used Browsers 2015


One of the key considerations that most people make when using the type of browser to use is privacy. A browser that is difficult to be hacked and also on that is secure. Due to the development in technology, there is a need that people develop better browsers that are more secure as opposed to an authentic browsers , which are easily hacked into. This interferes with the online privacy of individuals. The browser you choose make a who difference to the online experience. This is not only for the purposes of security but the fact that some browsers a way much faster in downloads and uploads features makes it important for one to choose the browser wisely.

Best browsers in 2015.

Currently the top browsers include:


  • Epic privacy browser. This is the best browser that has great features that increase the privacy of the users. It eliminates all the cookies and trackers after each session. This browser does not collect any information relating to the user. It has a one button proxying feature which is helps to fully encrypt connections and also helps to slow down browsing. One of the most unique things about epic privacy browser is that it does not seem to include malware or anti phishing protection, which is found in almost all browsers.2014-12-17-14-52-38.comodo_dragon
  • Comodo dragon. It is also referred to as ice dragon. This browser exists in two versions, the chromium dragon version and the Firefox version. Both versions have similar features especially the stored passwords and favorites if desired. One of the free features of the comodo dragon is the browser’s virtualized mode that isolates it from the host. However, this feature is applicable on a condition that the user installs comodo internet security, which is a free version of the company’s antivirus software.dooble3d
  • Dooble. This browser disables insecure interfaces such as flash and JavaScript. This therefore makes it difficult to use with lot of sites, which reduces the risks of hacking therefore, it is secure. One of the best features is that this browser has the ability to encrypt all user content using ciphers and pass phrase.maxthon-masthead
  • Maxton Cloud Browser. Although this browser is not fully secure, it offers protection from Adblockplus. This browser originates from china and it is designed around the synchronization between personal computers and mobile phones. Users must be therefore be keen when using this browser.17exfx8adzghwjpg
  • HTTS Everywhere. This is a browser that enforces security wherever that is possible in chrome, Firefox and opera. It helps in making what seems to be complex much simpler and easy to handle.

All these browsers have been rated as the top most in the year 2015 due to their characteristics that help in achievement of security. It is therefore important that users are keen on identifying the best browser. In addition to this, all these browsers are advanced on daily basis mainly because of the development in technology, which increases the risk of hacking. The users have also a responsibility in ensuring that their account are secure and that they don’t disclose their details such as passwords to people.